Oil & filter changes are the easiest & cheapest way to maintain your vehicle. Unlike some other places that use recycled oil and cheap filters to have low cost oil changes to get you in the door, we only use new Mobil oil and high quality filters to get the job done. Regular and Mobil 1 synthetic available in stock. We will check all your fluid levels and can flush out your coolant and transmission fluid if necessary. Own a truck? Give us a call today to set up a rear diff and transfer case fluid change to keep your 4x4 running smooth!


Flush Rates:

Coolant Flush - $80.00

Trans Flush - $200-250 (depending on filter cost)




Have you been sitting at  stop signs and it feels like your vehicle is running rough? Driving uphill and feel like you're losing power or hesitating? It could be time for a tune up! Hale Park Auto can replace the spark plugs in your vehicle along with any ignition coils or spark plug wiring sets to clear up any engine misfires. Maintenance schedules for spark plugs differ greatly from vehicle to vehicle so if you're unsure when it's time to replace yours give us a call today! 



Tune-Up Rates:

Please call with make and model of vehicle for estimate


Slipping and sliding in the snow? We sell tires! Our tire prices are competitive with wholesalers and we can get any Brand/Model that you are looking for. Call today with your tire size for an estimate!

Tip: When you buy a set of 4 tires from Hale Park Auto that's the perfect time to check your vehicle's alignment! Putting tires on a car that's out of alignment can reduce their life by 50% or more!


Alignment rates:

Front Wheel - $79.95

Four Wheel - $99.95

Proper regular maintenance is crucial for extending the life of your vehicle. Hale Park Auto is equipped to

handle all of the maintenance schedules of both foriegn and domestic vehicles. If your vehicle just needs a oil change to timing belt replacement we can do it all!

New Oil & Filter
New Oil & Filter

Tire Balancer
Tire Balancer

Electronic Alignment Machine
Electronic Alignment Machine

New Oil & Filter
New Oil & Filter